"Overall, although the program and its requirements and restrictions feel overwhelming in the beginning, I do feel that it has contributed hugely to my success in remaining sober."

"The application for determining testing status and logging my abstinence-based recovery meetings is easy to use and accessible on my smartphone and/or online. The program empowers and enables me to also better monitor and take ownership of my health and recovery."

"My monitor was supportive and always ensured she had my best interest at heart and has been a witness to my recovery from alcoholism. I highly recommend Alliance as a comprehensive and professional organization for support with monitoring."

"Upon embarking on my recovery journey, I found Alliance Medical Monitoring Inc. provided me a non-judgmental resource. The services provided me with structure, accountability and motivation to continue on the path of recovery."

"Throughout my recovery I have been through a lot of disturbing chaos. Without monitoring, I would not have had the recovery I have today. Monitoring helped me through unsafe times and gave me growth and confidence. It is a very essential safety net for me. I am so thankful that I am on monitoring. It also helped me to empower my skills of responsibility and accountability."

"Following treatment, I found it very hard adjusting to the monitoring regime, but gradually it became part of my recovery activities. When I look back, I recognize how vital monitoring was for me."

"I particularly like the part at the end of my sessions where I am asked my sobriety date. It is a constant reminder that living in sobriety is a one-day-at-a-time process. Everyone starts with one day and I am so grateful to have made it well over a year now."

"Alliance adds an extra layer of security to my recovery. They help keep me accountable on a daily basis."

"Alliance has made my monitoring experience as comfortable as possible. Complying with random testing was sometimes difficult during my busy schedule. However, Alliance always gave me different options for testing which made it possible to get the test done without an issue."

"My experience thus far at Alliance Medical Monitoring Inc. has been fantastic. Medical monitoring is such a crucial component to getting on with recovery."

"I think without the initial support of a medical monitor, it would be easy to lose your way."

"I believe my experience with Alliance has been beneficial to my recovery. Firstly, I am very aware that without this monitoring in place, I would never have gotten my license to practice back, and my job. I feel grateful for the monitoring to allow me to resume my career."

"The recovery process was difficult at first but now recovery is part of my life. My life has changed in many ways and without having the monitoring process, it will be impossible to make this change due to the nature of addiction. Alliance allowed me to have it be as comfortable and least forceful as possible by making it easy to comply with all the requirements."

"As someone who has relapsed, I feel that monitoring provides me with a daily reminder of the consequences of my actions and take full responsibility for my recovery."

"Never did I feel this program was punitive. Rather I have felt that my monitor wants to help me be successful with my recovery and return to work."

"By the end of my term, I’m growing more confident that I will be able to maintain my sobriety. I’ve come to accept that abstinence is the best method of treatment for me as I could not drink alcohol with any degree of limit setting or safety."

"The program keeps me accountable and responsible for my recovery and behaviours and I am grateful that it has kept me sober on more than one occasion."

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